April 21, 2024

Debunking Senior Living Myths

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Author: Ellen Cavazos, Executive Director

Arrow Senior Living is known for doing things a little differently and challenging the status quo within the industry. It’s just who we are! Even with all the technological conveniences of today such as social media and websites, it is still common to meet individuals with a skewed perception of what senior living looks like. In this blog, I want to share my senior living journey, why I remain committed to the industry, the biggest myth I believe exists, and how to help others overcome the myths surrounding our beautiful Summit at Chenal Valley Senior Living community and services.

From Nursing to Leadership: Fostering Quality of Life as an Executive Director

My journey to an Executive Director role in a senior living community has been diverse, shaped by my experience in healthcare leadership. Beginning as a Registered Nurse, I honed my skills as a Director of Nursing. This led me to assume a broader operational role as the Clinical Director of Operations for a Senior Living Company. Managing multiple communities prepared me for the next phase, where I transitioned to a Regional Operations role, traveling extensively across the country. However, longing to settle down and return home to Arkansas, I sought opportunities closer to home. This led me to The Summit at Chenal Valley as the Executive Director. Here, I can apply my operational expertise to provide exceptional care and support to residents.

What drives me to the community daily is the profound impact I have on the residents’ lives. I find satisfaction in knowing I provide them with the highest quality of life possible. Witnessing their smiling faces and cultivating a vibrant environment for both residents and staff at The Summit fills me with joy and purpose. For instance, observing a resident who initially struggled with the loss of a spouse find companionship and purpose within our community reaffirms the significance of our work. Furthermore, promoting from within our staff cultivates a cohesive, dedicated team. This team commits to fostering a culture of trust and loyalty for our residents’ well-being.

With a mischievous smile, a senior resident in a wine color suit and tie playfully holds two easter eggs up to his eyes, adding a touch of whimsy to his day.

Embracing Vibrancy: Redefining Senior Living as Active and Engaging

A prevalent myth about senior living is the misconception that it is a dull and stagnant environment. Some believe it’s where individuals passively await the end of their lives, similar to a nursing home. This belief undermines the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that many senior living communities offer. These communities are focused on promoting independence, engagement, and socialization among residents. Modern senior living communities provide a plethora of enriching activities, amenities, and opportunities for personal growth. These elements nurture a sense of purpose and vitality among residents, enhancing their overall well-being.

To counter the myth of senior living being dull and stagnant, we prioritize transparent communication and firsthand experiences. For prospective residents, we offer personalized tours showcasing our vibrant community life, highlighting the diverse range of activities, programming, and events available. We encourage current residents to share their experiences and testimonials, showcasing the active and fulfilling lifestyle they enjoy. Families are invited to engage with our community through events and visits. This gives them the opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere firsthand and address any concerns they may have.

Four lovely senior women standing together in front of a gold curtain, ready for a new year celebration photo.

Additionally, we emphasize the significance of community engagement and meaningful relationships, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose for both residents and their loved ones. Through these efforts, we aim to dispel misconceptions and cultivate a welcoming environment where residents thrive.

I encourage you to share this helpful information with others, as we at Arrow are committed to reshaping the perception of senior living! Search #whatseniorlivinglookslike, and you will find so many great things that happen in our community every single day.

The Summit Senior Living in Little Rock, AR offers independent senior apartments, assisted living, and memory care with a variety of services and a range of floor plan options. Amenities include restaurant dining, 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, transportation services, and more. Centrally located near St. Vincent’s Infirmiry with convenient access to major shopping centers and attractions, including Chenal Country Club, The Promenade Outlets, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, and Big Damn Bridge.

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